Lara Pollehn

Software Developer

About me

Besides writing code, I love to write Flash Fiction stories and crocheting hats for all those hating cold ears in winter. My interest in coding and problem solving began during my time in university and until this day only grew. But just thinking of it was not enough so I pinned myself in front of the computer and started living my dream.



B.Sc. Business Engineering



Junior Network Admin



Selftaught Developer

My Stack

For my tech stack, i always try to use state of the art technology and build a good mix of classics and rising newcomers. Even though I am focused on Frontend Development I dabble in Fullstack Development too. See a collection of my preferred languages and tools.


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Framework & Libraries

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Tools & Technologies

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Dev. Environment

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Recent Projects

Below are some of my favourite projects I have done so far, the 6 repositories I pinned on my GitHub profile. The information and shown projects are always up to date and can change since the data is fetched daily from the GitHub GraphQL API.

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